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Jun-Air Travel Pte Ltd, Singapore, is an integrated planning company that combines various interest such as travel, business, exhibitions, and training. It organized the first tour to Taiwan for all Chinese nationalities in the entire Southeast Asian region in July 2002. It was the first travel agency designated by the Taiwan National Police Administration and the Bureau of Exit and Entry Administration to be exempted from screenings. It was also conferred the Annual Best Overseas Agency (Platinum Award) by the Taiwan Directorate in 2003. jUNAIR

Since its establishment, the company has specialized in tours to various countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China and Southeast Asia. Steadfast in its commitment to professionalism with a strong work ethic, Jun-Air ensures that every client not only ‘physically’ experience the surroundings, but also keenly enjoys them emotionally. This creates value added excursions where it promotes and engages the body and soul. Apart from offering tour packages, Jun-Air Travel also handles global air-tickets, visa applications, hotels and travel packages for Chinese nationalities.

Tour Destination Milestones

Jun-Air Taiwan

Since 2002, the Company keenly sensed that many Taiwanese farms, home stays, hot springs, theme parks and local foods have subtle characteristics of Japanese intricacies, Provence romanticism and European styles. To capture these interesting elements, the company launched various tours - Taiwanese good eats, Taiwanese interesting places of interest and premier tour routes such as ‘Taiwan’s Blooms and Springs’, ‘Taiwan’s Good Eats and Spas – Family Spa Fun For the Mind and Body’, and ‘Discover Taiwan – Images of Provence, Memories of Furano’.

Romantic hot spring, farmstay cuisine, forest and outlying islands – you will be in harmony with nature.  With beautiful sceneries all over Taiwan, it is not only enjoyed by the locals but tourist too.  You will not only enjoy the panoramic views but there plenty of delicious food, relaxing moments, spa activities and good for family travel too.

Farmstays - At Toucheng Farm, it is home to goats and cows and there are fish ponds too.  Other activities include playing on swings, learn about rice cultivation, make your own T-shirt, BBQ and many more.  At Master Bear Resort, you can play games, ride a bike, wander around Lavender Park, have singing sessions and fly the sky lantern.

Homestays – Activities include planting in the field, fruit picking, walking on suspension bridge or hammock and listen to frogs and cicadas while relaxing at your homestay.  In a comfortable homestay surrounding, you can also enjoy delicious food made of flowers, sip on good wine, have a hot spring bath, a chance to enjoy a romantic and simple life.

SPA – You can try the salt spa and the fantastic salty mud which are odourless and colourless and help you to relax.  Spas are available at Guangziling Mud Hot Spring, in Master Bear Resort, Spa in sea, Spa in mountain.

Family Travel – There are various theme parks to visit like Yuanxiong Sea, Jianhushan World, Yida World, Leofoo Village Theme Park and Hello Kitty.  There are night markets which Taiwan is famous for and specialty meals like Lavender Vanilla meal, coffee meal, healthy fruit meals, top kitchen feast, spa chicken meal and Grandma vitality breakfast.    

Jun-Air Korea

For an authentic Korean experience, Jun-Air Korean packages allow you to experience the Korean culture and various types of attractions.  Get nostalgic as you visit a recreated Korean village, where you can be a Korean aristocrat for a day and learn about Korean wine and paper.  Spring in Korea is one of the most beautiful with blanket of white and yellow blossoms like a quilt covering all over the nation.  It is the season of Cherry Blossoms (Sakura), Tulips, Apricot flowers and other wild flowers.  There are also many festivals and events celebrating the season throughout the country.  This is the country at its finest.  Autumn at Daedunsan National Park is the most awesome as you encounter the magnificent mountain scenery and the beautiful autumn maple scene.  Experience KBS TV Korean style farm where you can see how Ginseng is cultivated, create your own ginseng, go for fruit picking, taste the traditional rice crackers, try the fish soup and Dae Jang Geum Kimchi, wear the Hanbok and take memorable photos.  Visit Korean Farm and see hundred acres of pears, apples, strawberries and cantaloupes.  Not to be missed is the Nobel Korean feast and try delicious Korean cuisines. 


With Jun-Air Travel, you will have a wholesome Korean experience and an unforgettable sea, land and air experience:

3 Spring flowers festivals - Cherry Blossom Festival (March), Tulip Festival (April), Rose Festival (May)

3 Maple festivals – Hallasan Maple Festival (Sep & Oct), Daedunsan Maple Festival and Wonderland Courtyard Maple Festival (Oct & Nov)

3 Hot Springs – Huracel Hote Spring, Caribbean Water Park, Taegwallyong

Local experience & local culture - Ginseng Field, Pub Street, taking QUEEN MARY CRUISE, Learning Korean writing, Singing, Drinking Wine, experience “K” TV & “K” Movie. 

Jun-Air Sichuan, China

Through a successful collaboration, Jun-Air is appointed the China Sichuan Tourism Bureau Official Representative Office by the Sichuan Province Tourism Bureau.  It is the first and only overseas tourism flagship store appointed by the tourism bureau.  Jun-Air is also the first agency in Singapore and Southeast Asia to represent the Ganzi Tourism Bureau, Kangding Scenic Areas, Hailuogou Scenic Areas Administration and Xiling Snow Mountain Scenic Areas.  It also exclusively represents Jiuzhaigou, Hailuogou, Kangding Lovesong, Xindu Bridge and Tagong Prairie.  Apart from these attractions, Jun-Air Travel is also the agent of other classical and picturesque places of Sichuan.  It created itineraries to two most magnificent valleys and Jiuzhai – Fantastic Jiuzhai and Shangri-la.  With a single trip, travellers can see the most of this area – waterfalls in Jiuzhaigou and glaciers in Hailuogou, Kangding and Xindu Bridge. 


There are more than five fabulous sceneries – the golden mountain, spectacular icefall, mysterious red stones, hot spring in Snow valley, unique Kang-pa culture and the mysterious Gongga mountain.  At Kangding, visit the Love song’s hometown, Paradise, the Heart of Shangri-la, the Source of Guozhuang Culture – a paradise for lovers and couples in love.  See Yaja Red Rocky Valley where red rock and glaciers coexist – quiet and clean, simple enchanting red rock.  In all, the area encompasses the elements of ice, water and fire.  At Xindu Bridge, photographers will be delighted which is the world of lights and shadows.

Jun-Air Tibet

Jun-Air Tibet offers various tours – ‘Extra Value Journey To The Mysterious Sky Road – Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Tour’, ‘An Experience That Cannot Be Missed’; enjoy the surreal landscapes of ‘12 Hours Most Worth Waiting For’; return to Tibet, the home of the soul. Listen to the centennial swansong of the shepherdess, and be a shepherd for once. Understand the Tibetans’ way of life, and enjoy the fragrant buttered tea. With one hand lightly shaking the small prayer wheel, and the other hand strumming the large prayer wheel, enjoy a spiritual spa in the blessings of the pure white hada. Return to the home of rainbows, offering hadas, toasting to barley wine, eating country dishes, watching tribal dances and marriage customs. Visit the land of the predecessor to the Tibetan Mastiff, understand the millennial history of the friendship between humans and dogs. In addition, step onto the Roof of the World, and witness with your own eyes, the mystique and majesty of the world’s highest peak – Mount Qomolangma.

Jun-Air Japan

Jun-Air Japan tours have enjoyed tremendous success in its effort to offer a holistic and culturally inclusive experience to the Land of the Rising Sun.  We offer quality tours where you will get to stay 3-4 nights at traditional Onsen accommodation for a real Japanese experience.  To heighten your culinary experience, our Japan tours allow you to enjoy nearly full board traditional Japanese cuisine including the elaborate Kaiseki, regional specialties like BBQ horse meat and all-time favourite Shabu-shabu.


With Jun-Air, our packages bring you to various parts of Japan – from the main touristic island of Central Japan Honshu, north of Japan scenic Hokkaido and  southern region stunning Kyushu, all having their own natural beauty and appeal to engage the discerning travelers.  Our tours are designed to enjoy the different seasons of Japan so that a summer itinerary is different from a winter itinerary.  See the spectacular beauty of UNESCO world heritage site gassho-zukuri farmhouses at Shirakawa-go which is truly stunning during summer and especially so in winter with its snow-covered thatched roofs.  The Owakudani Valley sulfurous hot spring is an experience for the four senses.  Experience the hot sand bath of Ibusuki which Kyushu is famous for and at both islands.  In Hokkaido, we offer Eastern and Western Hokkaido.  For the discerning travelers, the must see places are Hakodate, Asahikawa, Sounkyo, Furano, Otaru, Lake Toya and Noboribetsu.  In Hakodate, we bring you on a cable car ride up to Mount Hakodate and enjoy the spectacular night view which ranked as one of the world’s best night view.  Other attractions include the Otaru Canal, Otaru Music Box Museum, Shiroi Koibito (White Lover) Chocolate Factory, the ‘Hell’ Valley, Mitsubishi Outlets Park and see the Ainu traditional show.


 Jun-Air Europe & Mediterranean

Jun-Air Europe and Mediterranean tours cover most of the countries within the European continent, targeting both the first time visitors and repeat travelers. We understand the needs of first time visitors for multi-country tour packages while repeat travelers prefer in-depth coverage of single or few countries. Multi-country packages bring you to the classic beauty of France, world renowned chocolates of Belgium, stunning tulip gardens of Holland, technological advance of Germany, musical Austria, fashionable Italy and picturesque Switzerland. Mono or regional destinations include the flamenco splendor of Spain and Portugal, stunning lakes and waterfall cascades of the Balkan countries, snowy Finland and scenic Scandinavia, imperial Eastern Europe, twin Russian beauties – Moscow and St Petersburg, and the aristocratic United Kingdom. In-depth visits also includes to colourful Italy and scenic Switzerland, which are especially beautiful during summer.  Not to be missed are the exotic Mediterranean destinations, from the white-washed villas of Santorini Greece to the ancient Roman and Turk empires Turkey.

Our experienced and well-researched tour planners bring you the best touristic experience as well as a taste of local cultures and flavors.  There are no compulsory optionals so that you can budget well prior to your trip.  We offer value packages and you will fly with reputable airlines.  You will enjoy the region’s cultural beauty with our very experienced, knowledgeable and multi-lingual tour managers with excellent service attitude. Our quality European and Mediterranean tour packages ensure that you have a fulfilling and enriching experience.

Jun-Air Alaska, North America

Jun-Air Travel has escorted numerous new and old clients on tours all over the globe. For Alaska, cruise on board the super five-star luxury Princess Liner with sumptuous meals and engaging entertainment services. With the majestic Alaskan glacier currently disappearing at a rapid rate, the cruise allows you to experience the beauty of the ice peaks returning to Mother Earth’s embrace. Visit the Emerald Lake, Nature’s emerald, the “Jewel of Rocky Mountains” – enjoy a sumptuous meal at Chateau Lake Louise as you admire the Chateau’s reflected image in the lake. Ride large snowmobile to climb the world’s only scalable glacier, Athabasca Glacier, visit the five major national parks of Canada – Jasper, Banff, Glacier, Yoho, Mount Revelstoke, see the seven major lakes – Lake Louise, Moraine Lake, Peyto Lake, Bow Lake, Lake Okanagan, Shuswap Lake, and Emerald Lake. Tour the ice wine brewery that provides wine for banquets of the Queen of England, view the world’s natural heritage up close – Canada’s Rocky Mountains. Stay at exclusive lodgings, and visit global financial centers – New York, Sin City – Las Vegas, Los Angeles – the City of Angels.

Jun-Air Latin America

Discover enigmatic Latin America as we bring you to Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru. There are much to see as you experience the passion-inflamed tango, see the mysterious Nazca Lines and learn about the sudden disappearance of the Inca civilization of Machu Picchu. See the world’s largest waterfall – Iguazu Falls which straddles Argentina and Brazil and you will be in awe by the stately statue of Christ the Redeemer in Brazil, the homeland of soccer. Not to be missed is Peru, the origin of Indian civilization. Jun-Air Travel shall slowly unveil the mysterious mask of Latin America, fed by the earth’s major artery, Amazon River.

Significant Achievements & Events

Jun-Air Planning

The company has organized high quality cultural tours that are different and superior. As a result of its commitment to offering differentiated products, the company was appointed as authorized agent and representative for various local governments and tourism development organisations (scenic areas, hotels, etc) in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We are the authorized agent and representative for Sichuan Provincial Tourism Bureau, Hailuogou Scenic Area Management Bureau, Kangding Scenic Area, Taiwan Nantou County Government, Taiwan Master Bear Resort Hotel, Taiwan Farglory Ocean Park, Taiwan Touchen Farm, Hainan Provincial Tourism Bureau, Hainan Nanshan Temple, and Hainan Golden Coast Hot Spring Hotel.

Jun-Air Business

As a trusted travel agency that has engaged in trilateral exchanges between Singapore, China and Taiwan over the long term, Jun-Air has established the “Singapore-China-Taiwan Commerce and Cultural Exchange Center” and “Singapore International Business Exhibition Organisation”. We have organized delegate groups from various industrial associations, social groups, schools and enterprises in China to visit Singapore and Taiwan for exchanges, conferences and exhibitions.

Jun-Air Training

Jun-Air provides various professional training such as creativity and entrepreneurial spirit, global management competitiveness, quality and production management, financial strategies and quality planning, international human resource management, leadership and change, public policies, international business, environmentally friendliness, operations and management of international logistics, etc.

Over the years, the Company has established good business relationship network with various supervisory organizations, social groups and associations, media from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Taiwan. With a strong foundation based on our excellent reputation, we have successfully coordinated the following government and entrepreneurial business cultural exchange activities: Xi’an City Hall, Tieling City Hall, Baise City Hall, Ji’an City Hall, Shangrao City Hall, Fujian Provincial Government Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs, Fujian Provincial Health Department, China News, Jiangxi Television, Hebei Television, Liaoning Provincial Government State-Owned Assets Supervisory Management Committee, Mianyang Education Bureau, Chinese Senior Professors Association etc.

Serving as a bridge between Singapore-China business cultural exchanges, the Company has successfully arranged for representatives from the Singapore Government and businesses to visit China, to assist Singaporean political and business entities to understand China’s status quo, and make future inroads into Singapore-China politics and commerce, and expand the collaborative scope of both parties.

To date, the Company has already organized a delegation team from YoungPAP led by the Senior Parliamentary Secretary at the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, and Mayor of the Northeast Community Development Council, Teo Ser Luck, to visit Sichuan in July 2009. We have also organized a delegation team from Singapore Business Association to Western China Expo in October 2009. In April 2010, a delegation from PAP Queenstown branch led by Tanjong Pagar GRC MP, Baey Yam Keng, went to Huadong, and a business team went to Nanchang Expo Central China. The delegation team from YoungPAP led by Minister of Community Development, Youth and Sports, Teo Ser Luck, also went to Taiwan.

With our good reputation and trustworthiness, come and experience a classic world with Jun-Air Travel.

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