Through thorough in Hokkaido——Sapporo, Otaru, Noboribetsu, LakeToya, Furano, Sounkyo, Lake Akan, Lake Mashu, Kussharo Ko, Ikeda, Obihiro, Tokachi
Exclusive enjoyment——take cruise on Lake Akan,Okhotsk Sea Icebreaker,Drift Ice Museum,enjoy the bin gun dance in Asahiyama Zoo,take cruise and enjoy the show of Red-Crowned Crane
Enjoy snow land in winter——Banana Boat,take car on ice land,fishing on ice land,motorbike on snow land (Japanese foods):cattle, long crabs,hot pot, iron grilled BBQ, Hokaido ramen, japanese luxury food packages
Japanesen brewery——Asahi brewery,Otokoyama Sake Brewery (Romantic night view):take cable car enjoy one of the three biggest night view on the world,mount Hakodate
Enjoy local shopping——Rera Outlet,Beaver Road,Kitaichi Glass (Special Arrangement): Lavender pillow DIY,Buckwheat noodles DIY,Six flower pavilion dessert




Day1:Singapore - Sapporo (D) HTL:Noboribetsu Manseikaku Hotel or Similar
Assemble at Changi airport for the flight to Hokkaido. Upon arrival,our guide will pick you up. Then, move to Jigokudani- Imagine a mountainous area with volcanic gas seeping through the surface, boiling water that crosses its path. The air smells strongly of sulfur and the area looks like a scene from a movie about a post-apocalyptic world. That’s exactly what you’ll see if you visit Noboribetsu Jigokudani aka “Hell Valley“.And then we go to hotel and have dinner in hotel.

Day2:Lake Toya and Mt.Showa -Bear Ranch-Otaru Canal-Kitaichi Glass-Music Box Museum (B/L/D) HTL:jozankei MIlione Hotel or similar

 Lake Toya is a part of "Toya Caldera and Usu Volcano Global Geopark.It is that never ices and the second most transparent lake in Japan. Mt.Showa is a series of strong earthquakes shook the area, and wheat fields were rapidly uplifted. Lava broke through the surface and the current peak was created. It is now 398 m (1,306 ft) tall, and still actively smoking.Bear Ranch -About 200 brown bears are raised at the Bear Farm. They are separated by age. There is also a brown bear museum ,the origin and habits of brown bears are presented using 500 materials and videos.You can feed them apple and any other bear’s foods.Otaru Canal- was a central part of the city's busy port in the first half of the 20th century.It makes for a pleasant stroll during the day, when artists present their works to passing tourists, and during the evenings when old fashioned gas lamps are lit and provide a romantic atmosphere.Kitaichi means glass and it’s also a product of Otaru Canal and you can try yourself in making these fancy products.Music Box Museum is also one of the interesting place in Otaru Canal.

Day3:Otaru-Sounkyo-Shikisai no Oka-Furano Farm-Asahiyama Zoo-Ginga& Ryusei Falls (B/L/D) HTL:Sounkyo Hotspring Hotel or similar 

In green season you can enjoy the colorful flowers and spectacular views in the Shikisai-no-oka while riding around and the surrounding areas on the popular Norokko and on carts and buggies.The snow turns the flower garden into Snowland during the winter period. So you can enjoy the snow and nature while riding snow rafts,snowmobiles and other such vehicels. Farm Tomita is Originally simple lavender farm, today has expanded to include a number of large fields of various flower types, including Poppies, French Marigolds, and many more.The most famous image of the farm is that of the ‘rainbow field’ created by planting rows of different flowers along the gentle rolling hills.Asahiyama Zoo-is very popular garden,highlights include a glass tunnel through the penguin pool that allows visitors to observe the birds' underwater flights, and small glass domes in the middle of the polar bear and wolf enclosures that can get visitors right among the animals. The zoo was also one of the first to organize penguin walks in winter.Ginga& Ryusei Falls-Ginga is a graceful waterfall with water flowing like white threads, with water strongly falling about 90m and also referred to as(male waterfall) and Ryusei(female waterfall) for their contrasting appearance.When the waterfalls freeze up in winter and form massive ice pillars.

Day4:Sounkyo-Lake Akan/Okhotsk Ryūhyō Museum(9-12) or Okhotsk Sea Cruise(1-2)-Lake Mashu-Mount Lo-Kussharo Lake-Ainu Folk Village (B/L/D) HTL:Akan Hot Spring Hotel or similar

 After breakfast Okhotsk Ryūhyō Museum the room keep temperature in -20*C, visitors can try these and other arctic experiences, even in the middle of summer. The Hands-On Drift Ice Terrace is kept at -15’C, and containsactual drift ice. Visitors can touch the drift ice firsthand. You can also meet creatures from the Okhotsk Sea, such as the clione sea angel.Okhotsk Sea CruiseHere you can see the beauty of the world's southern tip of the ice. The average temperature in the region in February is minus 10*C .Sooner or later the temperature is lower, the sea breeze in the ship deck roaring past.Lake Mashu is surrounded by steep crater walls 660 ft high. It has no significant inlets and no outlet. The lake is one of the clearest in the world and one of the deepest in Japan.Mount lo is an active. It sits within the borders of the town of Shari.Mount Iō literally means mosulphur mountain.There are two explosion craters and a lava domeat the summit of the volcano.Kussharo LakeIt is the largest caldera lake in Japan in terms of surface area, and sixth largest lake in Japan. It is freeze over completely in winter.Along the lake shore are several outdoor hot springs and a sand beach with naturally heated sand and hot ground water.Ainu Folk Village Here visitors can get a taste of what life was like in the past by witnessing activities such as the production of smoked salmon above sunken hearths, and traditional craft-making using Ainu patterns.

Day5:Akan-Tokachigawa/Akan Cruise(cruise5-11/ Tanchozuru Natural Park12/Winner Snow and Ice Activities1-2) - Lkeda Wine Castle-DIY Buckwheat Noodles-Kofuku Station-Six flower Booth Factory (B/L/D)HTL:Tokachigawa Hot Spring Hotel or similar

 Akan Cruise:The lake used to have a clarity of 8–9 meters in the 1930s. Pollution from local hot spring resorts has decreased the transparency to 3–4 is a beautiful crater lake in Akan National Park. It is a rare algae species that forms itself into beautiful green balls.You can also enjoy the local dance,Kushiroshi Tanchozur Natural Park -Red-crowned Crane"is a Japanese national bird, looks extravagant .Neck, feet long, whole body white, head bright red, tail feathers and feet black, very obvious features, easy to identify.Sometimes red-crowned cranes and tourists will be interactive,very interesting it.Lakeda Wine Castle in there we let you try the most famous and popular wine in Hokkaido.DIY Buckwheat Noodles-Hokkaido is a big province of agriculture,ten provinces rich in buckwheat,for the experience of Japanese culture and rich travel program.we have DIY for visitors in making buckwheat noodles training by the famous cookers and can enjoy noodles make by yourself. Kofuku Station-its closure in 1987, it remains a popular sightseeing spot due its name, which means"happiness"in Japanese.The original station building remains standing, and many people paste business cards and messages on the walls of the waiting room, hoping for happiness.Six flower booth factory- dessert of old shop in Hokkaido and its also the first of white chocolate factory in Hokkaido.The butter biscuit is the basic piece of manpower and a roll of butter and raisin put in the middle of biscuits but it’s not too sweet and have amazing flavour. Strawberry white chocolate also the good one.

Day6:Tokachigawa-Sapporo/Asahi Beer Factory-Ishiya Chocolate Factory-Hokkaido Shrine-Hokkaido Old Hall-Odori Garden-Beaver Road (B/D) HTL:Sapporo Premiere Hotel or similar 

After breakfast ,will take you to the Asahi Beer Factory.The most special is can touch beer production of raw materials and also can see making of beer in step by step.After then,there is no alcohol drinks to give young people free trail drink and also have a present for all.Then we are heading to Ishiya Chocolate Factory which is quite famed in Hokkaido.In there we can taste delicious chocolate and listen to that romantic love story.Hokkaido Shrine locate in Maruyama Park,where the tree-lined,pleasant environment But also you can see squirrels from time to time.In particular,when spring come cherry and plum bloom,attracting Millions of people to enjoy the flowers. Hokkaido Hall the old hall is a government building in Sapporo, Hokkaido It is a Baroque European-style building,its appearance directly called red brick , a symbol of Hokkaido. It has been designated as an important cultural relics in Japan.There are Library , Historical Gallery, open to the public free of charge, the museum basically maintained the past style, and show the history of Hokkaido heritage and information,Flower gardens and a pond are located in front of the building, which occasionally are designated as some event venues.Odori Park is a park located in the heart of Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan. Ōdōri means "large street",east and west, from the central area of chase west 1 to 12 dome about 1.5 km long, and divides the city into north and south sections. the park has a fountain, flower beds, pool, monuments and other facilities, is the Sapporo public the best open plant.Beaver Road is the largest commercial street in Hokkaido. It has a history of more than 100 years. Commercial Street is divided into 7 blocks, from the east of the Chuangchuan as a starting point, south to the south two three, about 1 km, this is the center of the commercial street. There are about 200 shops between the west and the city, which runs through the middle of the Sapporo subway station to the station.

*** By SCOOT direct flights to Sapporo, Free 1 nights Sapporo Hotel, Free and Easy 1 day ***

Day7: Sapporo (Free & Easy) (B) H: Sapporo Premier Hotel or similar

Day8: Sapporo - Singapore (B) After breakfast, transfer to airport for your flight to Singapore .

*** By Eastern Airlines flight to shanghai transit, Free 3D2N Shanghai City Tour ***

Day7: Sapporo - Shanghai        (B) Shanghai Benjoy Hotel 5* or Similar

After breakfast, transfer to airport for your flight to Shanghai. Upon arrival, our guide will pick you up. Then, move to hotel.


Day8: Shanghai City Tour      (B/L/D) Shanghai  Benjoy  Hotel 5* or Similar

After breakfast, take [city tour bus] to visit the beautiful scenery of Shanghai, shuttle in Shanghai's bustling streets, enjoy the streets on both sides of the scenery, sightseeing bus with eight language attractions, free map , Presented personal headphones. Then went to the【Temple Industrial Park, where the former feng shui treasure in Shanghai, and now in this resort  the old bustling without losing the traditional style to re-show,where you can eat authentic snacks, around the characteristics of the shop. Nanjing Road, located in the center of Shanghai street  where modern buildings mixed with European-style old building, vertical hanging shop light boxes endless, especially under the night neon lights flashing.After dinner you can enjoy own expense [ERA time and travel acrobatics show]  Huangpu River on both sides of the beautiful night.

Day9: Shanghai - Singapore   (B)   

 After breakfast, take city bus  to [Pudong New Area], Century Avenue, Jinqiao Development Zone, to understand the changing of Pudong, after lunch to the Pudong International Airport then take the international flight back to the warm home.If it's night flight , additional gift [seven Pu Road] free activities, after then to the Pudong International Airport  take the international flight back to the warm home.

REMARK: Tips: Japan - 700YEN /PAX/DAY Shanghai - 25RMB/PAY/DAY

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