Korea Full-Experience Romatic Autumn VS Winter Sonata 7/9D

One Unforgettable & Experience of Korean-Trip !

 Most Romantic Coffee Shop——be a Korean Noble, taste Korean Coffee and romance

 The Most Fantastic 3D Art-World & Ice Museum—— Most magic visual feast

 Most Minimalist Universal Studio——Locadio World Studio, Most famous World Film base

 The deepest body breathe in the woods——film location of " Gentle Breeze and Bright Moon" and "Black  Narcissus"

 Audiovisual feast—— BI - BAP show, the newest and hottest and most recommended national performance

  KBS TV KOREAN style farm—— Dig and Taste flesh Ginseng, DIY Kimchi-Making, Drink Ginseng Milk, Pick Fruit, Bake Sweet

  Fun Theme Park—— Everland + HURACLE Water World + Ginseng SPA

  Korean 1st experience——Chongak Kimchi, Little woman’s ginseng farm, Big man’ Pub street

  Korean Cuisine——Ginseng Chicken , Korean BBQ, Bibimbap, Mushroom Casserole, Traditional Korean Dinner

  Fashion Shopping——Shinchon Lady Street, Dongdaemun, Yeoju Premium Outlet, Face Shop, Amethyst Showroom, Yongdong Shopping Mall, Local Products, Nanjing Road 

最浪漫咖啡屋--- 做一次“韩”贵族,在咖啡与茶的工艺坊,感受韩国的儒雅与浪漫

最奇幻 3D 艺术世界+最 ICE 冰雕博物馆--- 神奇视觉享受,感受晶莹剔透,别样冰雪风情


最壮丽山与风景胜地--- 国立大屯山の“春天的童话”与“枫叶的庆典” 最深森=身呼吸的“韩”世外桃源---韩剧《清风明月》,《黑水仙》拍摄地,扇子般展开的竹林谷,万千竹笋与


最 FUN 茂朱滑雪度假村——德裕山国立公园的优美风景与度假村相得益彰,尤以冬天为滑雪爱好者所青睐而闻名。 最完美韩国视听盛宴---BI-BAP 秀,最新颖,最热门,最强力推国宝级表演秀,最完美体现韩国饮食与文化视听盛宴

最“韩”味 KBS 电视台——参观高丽人参田+现吃现切高丽参+人参牛奶汁+ 季节性水果+传统米果+鱼板汤+农村

蒸地瓜+ 泡菜煎饼+大长今泡菜 DIY+传统韩服拍照

济州、城邑民俗乡、JOANNE BEAR 博物馆、木浦 STAR CRUISE、饮食博物馆、水世界 SPA、韩味村 农庄体验、爱宝乐园


二大主题乐园——爱宝乐园+ 水世界 SPA

三大韩专家(独家)——最“韩”味 KBS 电视台之韩味村、最美大屯山国立公园、最贵之全罗南道美食博物馆

四大韩剧拍摄地——《火花》之新村女人街、《红豆女之恋》之爱宝乐园、《守护天使》之东大门市场、 五次韩の初体验——品尝“初男”原滋味、走进“小女人”的人参田、“大男人”的酒吧街、做“韩”食—最 FUN

全罗南道美食体验、坐“韩“船—STAR CRUISE 壮丽海景游轮体验、学韩字+唱韩歌+喝韩の真露酒

六大自由购物—— 莲洞购物街、全州明洞购物街、新村女人街、彩装名品店、东大门市场、紫水晶专卖店、土特产

七大韩式香宴—— 人参炖鸡、长寿面线、人参酒、韩式烤肉、寿喜锅、石锅拌饭、菌类火锅、韩版“满汉全席”



Romantic Autumn VS Winter Sonata Korea Full-Experience 7/9D

 One Unforgettable & Experience of Korean-Trip


Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by our local tour guide and transferred to Mysterious Road to experience the phenomenon of going uphill with the vehicle engine off. Yongduam (Dragon Head Rock) which shapes like a dragon with its head resting on the beach and body submerged in crystal clear blue water. Then continue with another attraction, Locadio World Studio, recommendable if you are really into Korean dramas. A studio of Korean dramas and movies. You can take a photo feeling like you are an actor or an actress in Korean dramas. In the evening, go shopping at Jeju liandong to find your own favourite stuffs.

           ******** Autumn Itinerary (1SEP-30NOV ) ********               

DAY 02: SEONGSAN SUNRISE PEAK/SEONGEUP LIVING FOLK VILLAGE/GENERAL STONE/JOANNA BEAR MUSEUM    ( B/L)  HOTEL: M Stay HOTEL OR SIMILAR                                                                               

After breakfast, tour Seongsan Sunrise Peak, a volcanic crater perched out on the eastern tip of Jeju Island. Then come to the General Stone to get a wonderful of the small islands. Explore the Seongeup living Folk Village, designated as a folklore preservation zone. Here you can meet the friendly native people of Jeju who still live behind stone courtyard walls in thatched-roof lava-wall homes. You can learn more things about Korean traditional culture. Joanne Bear Museum exhibits everything about cute Bears, which have been loved worldwide for 100 years. After enjoying the beautiful view, take a CRUISE to Mokpo , get a sea view along the way then check in hotel.  


In the morning, visit the JEOLLANAM-DO FOOD MUSEUM-DIY, learn how to cook Korean meal. Then continue your trip to Damyang Bamboo Park, the film location of the "Gentle Breeze and Bright Moon" and " Black Narcissus". Let your body take a deepest breathe in the bamboo forest and feel the beauty of nature. If the team less than 10 people, only visit museum, no DIY. Then move to Jeonju Korean village which is the only well- preserved village among cities within Korea. Experience the traditional Korean culture when touring around in the village. Be a real Korean citizen and enjoy some DIY staff. In the evening, you can go shopping at Jeonju Myeongdong shopping street.


After breakfast, proceed to Jeonju Korean Paper Museum, one of the main factories in Korea paper making industry. Here you can see all kinds of paper being used in Korean daily life. And you can also make your own piece of paper and take it home. Then go to the Daedunsan National Park, you can get the most magnificent view of the mountain. The King Kong bridge also give you a unique experience. (please prepare the swimming suit and swimming cap by yourself). After go to Jinshan South Korea SPA, Is to "feel the Jinshan ginseng, medicinal healthy breath" for the purpose, in order to allow visitors to the five senses Geumsan ginseng and herbal healthy atmosphere, specially prepared for different guests herbal SPA, diet, traditional tea and so on. (Pls prepare the swimming suit and swimming cap ).      

          ******** Winter Itinerary ( 1DEC - 28FEB ) **********                 


After breakfast, tour Seongsan Sunrise Peak, a volcanic crater perched out on the eastern tip of Jeju Island. Then come to the General Stone to get a wonderful of the small islands. Explore the Seongeup living Folk Village, designated as a folklore preservation zone. Here you can meet the friendly native people of Jeju who still live behind stone courtyard walls in thatched-roof lava-wall homes. You can learn more things about Korean traditional culture. Joanne Bear Museum exhibits everything about cute Bears, which have been loved worldwide for 100 years. Then continue with the Jeju Ice Museum in Jeju is an indoor museum and theme park combines the concepts of ice sculpture and 5D screen. As each section is considerably different, whenever move steps, visitors easily feel they come to diverse museums. 3D Museum, the museum where you can take unique photos with 3D works of art. One of the very popular museums in Jeju. 

DAY03:JEJU TO MOKPO / JEOLLANAM-DO FOOD MUSEUM (DIY)/JEONJU MYEONGDONG SHOPPING STREET          (B/L/D)  HOTEL: HOTEL M Stay OR SIMILAR                                                                       

In the morning, take a ferry from Jeju to Mokpo, Enjoy the beautiful sea view along the way and the Korean style tatami within the ferry.visit the JEOLLANAM-DO FOOD MUSEUM, learn how to cook Korean meal, wear the costume of the cook, we will have a college professor to teach us the genuine Korean cuisine. Be a real Korean citizen and enjoy some DIY staff. (If the team less than 10 people, only visit museum, no DIY) In the evening, you can go shopping at Jeonju Myeongdong shopping street.


In the morning, start your trip to Damyang Bamboo park, the film location of the "Gentle Breeze and Bright Moon" and "Black Narcissus". Let your body take a deepest breathe in the bamboo forest and feel the beauty of nature. After lunch, proceed to Ski Resort, In winter, normally after December (depending on weather), we will take you to local ski resort, you can rent the ski equipments at your own expense. Don’t miss this opportunity to try out skiing. A wonderous & exhilarating snow experience awaits you. Your guide will guide you through with a basic ski instruction. Or make a snowman and take pictures instead.After go to Jinshan South Korea SPA, Is to "feel the Jinshan ginseng, medicinal healthy breath" for the purpose, in order to allow visitors to the five senses Geumsan ginseng and herbal healthy atmosphere, specially prepared for different guests herbal SPA, diet, traditional tea and so on. (Pls prepare the swimming suit and swimming cap ). 



Ginseng farm-watch a demonstration of how ginseng is being harvest. Here, you will learn the process of kimchi making and experience the fun of D.I.Y Kimchi. You will have the opportunity to dress yourself in traditional Costume-The Hanbok and take some memorable photo. Everland Theme Park, the world’s 7th most popular theme park - an exciting festive World of thrilling rides and lively entertainment. Visually enhanced by eye-catching displays of a variety of flowers like tulips, roses, lilies during each flower festival, Everland provides beautiful photo-taking opportunities. Spot the Liger, a crossbreed between the tiger and the lion, as well as the endangered White Tiger. As for those adventurous, avant garde thrill seekers, take on the challenge of the Suspended Roller Coaster, the Amazon Express Water Adventure, or the Double Loop and Cork Screw Coaster. Everland will also hold different themes flower festival, from March to April, Tulip festival, which like a fairytale land, from May to July, Rose festival, the most romantic and unforgettable memory.


Blue House-Drive passes the Presidential Blue House and stop at a designated area for photography. Korea Ginseng Authorized Center. Korean cosmetics shops Celebrity endorsement by many Korean popular movie stars, you can find more famous cosmetics brands here with a good discount price. Lotte Duty free shops is the largest-scale and with newest brands, is the representative in Korean duty free shops. The head quarter located at the center of Seoul, next to Dongdaemum market, you can find whatever you are looking for at one time. Enjoy the most convenient and comfortable shopping area in Korea. Dongdaemun wholesale market offering fashions apparel, men’s wear, costume jewellery and many others fashion apparel. In the evening, enjoy the hottest and most popular performance" BI-BAP" SHOW, it is a performance to inherit and develop beautiful Korean performing cultural arts and to propagate them not only to the Korean public but also to people around the world. 

DAY 07: ORIENTAL HERBAL SHOP/AMETHYST SHOWROOM/ SHINCHON LADIES STREET/ TONGIN TRADITIONAL MARKET / LOCAL PRODUCTS  (B)                                                                                  

After breakfast, Amethyst showroom where you get to see a wide selection of Korean designed jewellery. Shinchon Ladies Street, an area where three major universities are located. Many young female undergraduates come here to shop for an array of costume jewellery and accessories.Today lunch (own-expenses), you can taste the local traditional Korea food in Tongin Traditional Market, for 5,000 wons you are given a bento and brass coins to exchange  for different meals.You can decide how to fill your bento according to the shops that you find in the market Visit Oriental Herbal Shop and before going to the airport, stop-by at a local produce store for last minutes shopping for souvenirs & gifts for friends and relatives and also Korea local tit-bits. Then transfer to airport.


***   By Eastern Airlines flight to shanghai transit, Free 3D2N Shanghai City Tour  ***

Day7: Seoul- Shanghai    (B) Shanghai Benjoy Hotel 5* or Similar

After breakfast, transfer to airport for your flight to Shanghai. Upon arrival, our guide will pick you up. Then, move to hotel.

 Day8: Shanghai City Tour      (B/L/D) Shanghai  Benjoy  Hotel 5* or Similar

After breakfast, take [city tour bus] to visit the beautiful scenery of Shanghai, shuttle in Shanghai's bustling streets, enjoy the streets on both sides of the scenery, sightseeing bus with eight language attractions, free map , Presented personal headphones. Then went to the【Temple Industrial Park, where the former feng shui treasure in Shanghai, and now in this resort  the old bustling without losing the traditional style to re-show,where you can eat authentic snacks, around the characteristics of the shop. Nanjing Road, located in the center of Shanghai street  where modern buildings mixed with European-style old building, vertical hanging shop light boxes endless, especially under the night neon lights flashing.After dinner you can enjoy own expense [ERA time and travel acrobatics show]  Huangpu River on both sides of the beautiful night.

Day9: Shanghai - Singapore   (B)   

 After breakfast, take city bus  to [Pudong New Area], Century Avenue, Jinqiao Development Zone, to understand the changing of Pudong, after lunch to the Pudong International Airport then take the international flight back to the warm home.If it's night flight , additional gift [seven Pu Road] free activities, after then to the Pudong International Airport  take the international flight back to the warm home.

If customer arrive early one day in Seoul, no free transfer to hotel. The next day meet tour guide at Kimpo airport and take domestic flight to Jeju. 

If customer’s return flight is early flight, automatically forfeit the last day sightseeing spots. 

REMARK: Tips: KOREA - 5 USD /PAX/DAY  Shanghai - 25RMB/PAY/DAY   

If there is any discrepancy between English and Chinese itinerary , please refer to the Chinese itinerary one strictly

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the sequence of itinerary may subject to changes without prior notice

Taxes and fees quoted are subject to currency fluctuation and are not guaranteed until air ticket issuance

3D2N free tour, we reserve the right to change or cancel the itinerary.

秋天の童话 & 冬季恋歌 韩式   全体验9/8天

1: 济州岛-神奇之路-龙头岩-劳凯迪奥摄影世界-莲洞购物街             住宿:济州Glam Blue 酒店或同级



 ***** 秋季行程 (1Sep - 30 Nov)*****  

第2天: 城山日出峰-城邑民俗村-将军石-JOANNE BEAR博物馆独家赠送纪念小熊+传统茶&糕点-济州-木浦·游轮4H/莞岛·快艇2H      (早午餐) 住宿:光州M Stay 酒店或同级

【城山日出峰】 为汉拏山360个子火山之一,也是世界最大的突出于海岸的火山口,攀登30分钟左右到达山顶唯一片广阔的牧场,由此观看日出,美不胜收。将军石 立于三梅峰前海的独立岩石。高越20m, 周长10m,周边散落着虎岛。鸟岛等美丽的小岛和仙女岩等形态奇异的海岩。从将军石眺望虎岩夕阳的美景尤其受到游客的青睐。韩剧《大长今》也曾在此处取景,成为影迷的朝圣地。将军石周围风景秀丽,林木葱郁,海景怡人。【城邑民俗乡】参观200年前至今还使用的家屋城邑. 城邑民俗村由于位于济州岛上,因而也全面反映了济州岛独特的居住文化。您在这里可以看到那看似堆得稀稀疏疏的挡风石墙(黑熔岩石),为了防止风直接进入里屋而建得又直又弯的“奥来”(窄胡同),还有成为济州岛之象征的石神像(Dolharubang). 还能看到济州岛特产中尤为有名的黑毛土种猪。【JOANNE BEAR博物馆】著名泰迪熊艺术家朝安吴的工作室既博物馆。座落于以秀丽的汉罗山及大海闻名于世的济州岛,在这里大家能观赏到曾经仅在欧洲美国可见的她那绝世作品。(1)有以韩流明星裴勇俊为原型的小俊雄(2)有以韩国电影【好人,坏人,怪人】中3名主人公(李秉宪等)为原型的造型玩偶(3)有SBS电视剧【花样男子】中的猫咪玩偶 参观过美景之后,我们将搭乘渡轮前往木浦。搭乘渡轮的海上旅行,不但能够将美丽的海上风景尽收眼底,还能在船上体验韩船榻榻米的独有乐趣,让旅程更加丰富浪漫。抵达后前往酒店入住


第3天: 谭阳竹园-全罗南道饮食博物馆(DIY)-全州韩屋村-庆基殿-殿洞圣堂-全州明洞购物       (早午晚餐) 住宿:全州LEWIN 酒店

早餐后我们将前往【全罗南道饮食博物馆 DIY三色多食制作、米菓制作、花煎饼与煎饼、三色切糕制作、捏三色松饼、小型酱曲与酱曲糕制作、水果花茶制作、年糕三明治制作、煎泡菜煎饼 .有大学教授亲自教我们如何做全罗南道的饮食料理,过程中每位客人穿上厨师的衣服,戴上帽子,变成一位大厨师,体验亲自做韩国料理的乐趣。做完料理后,大家马上大享口福,品尝自己动手做的美味。不足10人の团队不能体验DIY,则仅为【饮食博物馆参观与了解韩国南部全罗道饮食主要设施有与南道乡土饮食相关的饮食购买、订购的博物馆商店,以及与乡土饮食相关的企划展示与举办各类文化艺术范畴展览的企划展览室,还有介绍南道地方乡土饮食的南道乡土饮食常设展示厅,介绍博物馆设施及可以看到各种宣传影像的博物馆影音室。【谭阳竹园】这是韩国的世外桃源,KBS-TV的电视韩剧《黑水仙》《清风明月》《茶园》等的拍摄地。沿着清净的潭阳湖,秋月山与全城山与竹共舞,展开扇子般的竹林谷,春笋如万箭钻土而出,万千繁殖孵化的候鸟宝宝破壳而出。在竹与鸟集体衍生的伊甸园,感受世间萌发的奇迹;在竹香馥郁的竹园,千年松香的林荫小道,经历韩国世外桃源般的森=身呼吸。【全州韩屋村】全州韩屋村是韩国唯一在城市中完好保持下来的韩屋群落,大约有700多幢韩屋,是散发着传统生活文化气息的韩国代表性文化旅游胜地。拥有【庆基殿】、【殿洞圣堂】等各种传统文化设施和传统工艺坊。在传统的韩酒馆、韩纸院DIY 做一次韩酒、韩纸;在扇与茶的工艺坊,感受合竹扇、太极扇、韩茶的魅力。到韩屋村做一天古装韩剧中的韩国人。之后前往著名的【全州明洞购物街】,体验韩国购物文化!


第4天:韩纸体验-大屯山国立公园(含赏枫缆车)-金刚排云桥-风云阶梯- 锦山人参韩方SPA (自备泳衣泳帽)    (早午晚餐) Prumir 水源酒店或同等级



 ***** 冬季行程 ( 1Dec - 28Feb) ******

2天:城山日出峰-城邑民俗村-将军石-JOANNE BEAR博物馆独家赠送纪念小熊+传统茶&糕点-无人浪漫COFFE SHOP-3D幻觉艺术世界-ICE冰雕艺术馆    (早午餐)  住宿:济州Glam Blue 酒店或同级

早餐后游览【城山日出峰】为汉拏山360个子火山之一,也是世界最大的突出于海岸的火山口,攀登30分钟左右到达山顶唯一片广阔的牧场,由此观看日出美不胜收。【城邑民俗乡】参观200年前至今还使用的家屋城邑. 城邑民俗村由于位于济州岛上,因而也全面反映了济州岛独特的居住文化。可以看到那看似堆得稀稀疏疏的挡风石墙,为了防止风直接进入里屋而建得又直又弯的“奥来”(窄胡同),还有成为济州岛之象征的石神像(Dolharubang). 还能看到济州岛特产中尤为有名的黑毛土种猪将军石 立于三梅峰前海的独立岩石。高越20m, 周长10m,周边散落着虎岛。鸟岛等美丽的小岛和仙女岩等形态奇异的海岩。从将军石眺望虎岩夕阳的美景尤其受到游客的青睐。韩剧《大长今》也曾在此处取景,成为影迷的朝圣地。将军石周围风景秀丽,林木葱郁,海景怡人。【JOANNE BEAR博物馆】著名泰迪熊艺术家朝安吴的工作室既博物馆。座落于以秀丽的汉罗山及大海闻名于世的济州岛,在这里大家能观赏到曾经仅在欧洲美国可见的她那绝世作品。(1)有以韩流明星裴勇俊为原型的小俊雄(2)有以韩国电影【好人,坏人,怪人】中3名主人公(李秉宪等)为原型的造型玩偶(3)有SBS电视剧【花样男子】中的猫咪玩偶无人浪漫COFFE SHOP】体验全程自助并且无店员老板服务的咖啡厅,悠闲品尝当地特色咖啡。【3D幻觉艺术馆】是具艺术性、科学性的教学,让参观的游客们对绘画有突破性的改观;其巧妙的利用视觉感观上的远近感、灯光折射的明暗度以及3D立体图案,让人产生错觉,仿佛身入其中对艺术产生共鸣。ICE 冰雕艺术博物馆ICE冰雕博物馆是济州第一个四季常设的室内冰雕展示馆,于2012年7月全新开幕。一年四季不论季节、气温,全年保持零下5度,任何时候都可以看到各式主题的室内冰雕展示,冰雕博物馆展示了代表济州的泰迪熊冰雕、热带鱼等等,除此之外还有北极村的冰屋、冰滑梯等各式的冰雕展示。


3天:济州-(木浦·游轮4H/莞岛·快艇2H ) - 罗南道饮食博物馆(DIY)-光州明洞购物街 (早午晚餐)  宿:光州M Stay 酒店或同级 

早餐之后我们将搭乘韩式渡轮前往木浦(游轮时间以最终确认为主)。搭乘渡轮的海上旅行,不但能够将美丽的海上风景尽收眼底,还能在船上体验韩船榻榻米的独有乐趣,让旅程更加丰富浪漫。抵达后将前往【全罗南道饮食博物馆 DIY三色多食製作、米菓製作、花煎餅與煎餅、三色切糕製作、捏三色松餅、小型醬曲與醬曲糕製作、水果花茶製作、年糕三明治製作、煎泡菜煎餅 .有大学教授亲自教我们如何做全罗南道的饮食料理,过程中每位客人穿上厨师的衣服,戴上帽子,变成一位大厨师,体验亲自做韩国料理的乐趣。做完料理后,大家马上大享口福,品尝自己动手做的美味。不足10人の团队不能体验DIY,则仅为参观饮食博物馆了解韩国南部全罗道饮食主要设施有与南道乡土饮食相关的饮食购买、订购的博物馆商店,以及与乡土饮食相关的企划展示与举办各类文化艺术范畴展览的企划展览室,还有介绍南道地方乡土饮食的南道乡土饮食常设展示厅,介绍博物馆设施及可以看到各种宣传影像的博物馆影音室。之后前往著名的【光州明洞购物街】体验韩国购物文化,尽情享受购物之旅。


4天: 谭阳竹园-滑雪场(雪具自费)- 锦山韩方SPA(自备泳衣泳帽)   (早午晚餐) 住宿:Prumir 水源酒店或同等级

早餐后【谭阳竹园】这是韩国的世外桃源,KBS-TV的电视韩剧《黑水仙》《清风明月》《茶园》等的拍摄地。沿着清净的潭阳湖,秋月山与全城山与竹共舞,展开扇子般的竹林谷,春笋如万箭钻土而出,万千繁殖孵化的候鸟宝宝破壳而出。在竹与鸟集体衍生的伊甸园,感受世间萌发的奇迹;在竹香馥郁的竹园,千年松香的林荫小道,经历韩国世外桃源般的森=身呼吸。冬季12月份前往【滑雪场】你可更换滑雪装备穿戴雪鞋、雪橇等,一切装备穿戴齐全后,在导游的指导之下由穿雪鞋开始到练习走路煞车,跌倒,滑行,让您尝试一下前所未有的滑雪之乐,享受滑行于雪原中无拘无束的奔放与刺激,如果滑累了,您还可在此堆堆雪人或是和大打雪仗也是一种不同的感受,尽情在银色世界里享受豪放及驰骋的快感,体验北国滑雪的情趣。若您是滑雪爱好者,这里的数道滑雪道、及空中览车一定会让您兴奋莫名若您不会滑雪也没关系,有由专业导游教导您滑雪基本姿势及注意事项,让您也可以享受滑雪的快感,驰风的快感令人难忘。之后前往现在在韩国锦山韩方SPA是以“感受锦山人参、药材的健康气息”为宗旨,为了让游客能够通过五官感受锦山人参和草药的健康气息,特别准备了适合不同体质客人的草药SPA、药膳式、传统茶等。适合顾客的健康和体质草药SPA、仪式、食疗茶、历史、体质诊断或坐熏治疗过敏性皮炎的程序有多种准备, 为了能让孩子们一起玩的儿童俱乐部,简单的享用零食的小吃店、健身俱乐部等多种配套设施。酵素浴从皮肤美容到皮肤管理在一个地方都为您准备好了!(请自备泳衣+泳帽)


第5天:独家安排KBS电视台专访~韩味村农庄体验之旅:[参观高丽人蔘田+现吃现切高丽蔘+人蔘牛奶汁+ 季节性水果+传统米果+鱼板汤+农村蒸地瓜 +人参鸡DIY+大长今泡菜DIY +穿着传统韩 服拍照(提供约200套韩服)]-骊州明牌街-果园采果乐(秋-水梨,冬-苹果/橘子爱宝乐园(无限次自由券:梦幻猴子谷+ 赛福动物野生世界 + 观光列车+-梦幻花车巡游(早午餐)住宿:Grand Ambassador铂尔曼酒店或同级 

早餐后前往【韩味村】在农庄主人亲切的带领之下介绍高丽人蔘田由一年蔘到六年蔘的生长过程,让您更深入认识「高丽人蔘」知神奇疗效;品尝农村蒸地瓜、季节水果,在此也可品尝由高丽人蔘制作成「人蔘牛奶汁」(1人1杯),让您充分达成养颜美容&身体康健之疗效;随后安排学习【体验大长今泡菜DIY】~在专人指导下及采用韩国正宗配料,您可自行DIY制作泡菜,充份享受自己制作泡菜的乐趣,亲身体验韩国泡菜的魅力;另外还有【韩式农村蒸地瓜】这是韩国民间早期的一种农村生活的方式,尝试看看, 保证有意想不到的感受!随后安排【传统服饰体验】全团贵宾均将成为今天的最佳男女主角,换上古代传统的韩服,于户外美丽的景色中愉快的捕捉美丽的倩影。【骊州明牌街】专车前往韩国流通企业新世界和美国占outlets 市场1位的Chelsea property 集团合资的新世界Chelsea 运营的韩国最早的名品专卖打折店。Burberry,coach, diesel, dolcegabbana, escada, gucci, Salvatore ferragamo 等共120多个名牌,以上市25~65% 的优惠价格销售。之后专车前往【爱宝乐园】世界第七大户外主题游乐园,这是一个结合了休闲、娱乐、教育与文化的国际性度假圣地,亦是韩剧“紅豆女之恋”拍摄地。具有三十年历史的欢乐世界;这里可分为五个区域,包含各种速度感﹑挑战极限游乐设施,在美洲探险地区中有龙卷风、彩虹之旅、天旋地转、秃鹰要塞、幻想特级、惊魂鲨鱼等游乐设施;在歐洲探险区中有玫瑰花园、野外舞台、宇宙探险、雪橇场、游乐场等游乐设施施与表演节目;在魔幻世界地区中有挑战急湍、疯狂彈簧椅、松鼠游戏、空中狂舞、海盜船、汽車王国、宇宙战斗机等游乐设施;在伊克托利亚探险-地区中有熊貓、四不像、北极熊、企鹅等珍奇动物及猩猩、紅鹤、海狗、孔雀等的精采表演节目,而地球购物中心能让您亲身体验到在世界各地购物的快乐,令您仿如置身于奇幻的世界,带给您终生难忘的回忆。


第6天: 青瓦台/人参专卖店/彩妆名品店/乐天免税店/《守护天使》东大门/ N首尔塔之爱情锁不含电梯/

BIBAP秀   (早午餐) 住宿:Grand Ambassador铂尔曼酒店或同级

【青瓦台】经过后在指定的停车位置给贵宾下车拍照。【人参专卖店】可选购各式人参产品。【彩妆名品店】韩国化妆品介绍中心。由韩国三大明星玄彬、宋慧 ETUDE、全智 LANEIGE 代言之知名品牌,並有韩国最大化妝品太平洋、LG、KOREANA 齐聚在此。【乐天免税店】为韩国规模最大、产品最新的韩国代表免税店。总店位于首尔的中心位置,临近南大门市场,在这里可以一次性满足您的购物需要,可称为世界流行重镇的免税店。【东大门综合市场】东大门市场是代表韩国的最大规模批发零售市场,是首尔的购物王国。尤其是这里兼有批发和零售,因以深夜购物者多而闻名。华丽的灯火和拥挤人群,东大门市场夜景比白天更绚丽。之后前往首尔著名的爱情胜地-【N首尔塔爱情锁墙】最热播电视剧《流行花园》拍摄地,锁墙上好几万个爱情锁,成为韩国代表性的爱情景点。N首尔塔是观赏韩国夜景的著名景点,被称为首尔的象征。特别赠送【BI-BAP 秀BIBAP SHOW 是一场韩国音乐与舞蹈,美食与文化的视听盛宴,韩剧与K-PAP传统与时尚的精髓,由韩国国际文化部、三星(SUMSUNG)等集团联合匠心巨造,韩国总统夫人强力推荐,获VIST KOREA 2012年韩国红不让之国际表演秀,并获英国爱丁堡艺术节佳评,80分钟内分分欢乐刺激,秒秒惊喜连连。如若BIBAP秀停演则更换涂鸦秀。


第7天: 德寿宫/护肝宝/ 紫水晶宝石店/新村女人街/通仁市场/土产店/新加坡       (早餐)                                                     

早餐后,专车前往参观德寿宫】德寿宫位于首尔最繁华的街道上,其以富有韵味的石墙路儿闻名。在首尔的宫殿中唯有德寿宫与西式建筑并肩而立,构成别样的景致。【紫水晶宝石店】韩国的紫水晶以颜色鲜明、光泽好、透明度高等诸多优点而闻名于世界各地。【新村女人街】这里是主导最新潮流的前卫文化街。新村周围来往人流大部分是大学生和年轻人,因而针对大学生和年轻人的大排档等各式餐 饮厅、格独特。之后前往通仁市场,位于西村的中心地带,是最具有首尔特色的传统市场。在这里可以体验朝鲜时代人们用铜钱买便当的有趣经历。价格实惠,美味丝毫不逊色,享受一顿幸福的美餐吧~临去机场前,您可于杂货店最后采购些美味泡菜、海苔、糖果、泡面等。至送机时间前往机场搭乘航班返回新加坡。


       ***** 若搭乘东方航空上海转机,回程特别赠送 3天2夜上海市区游 *****

第7天: 德寿宫/护肝宝/紫水晶宝石店/新村女人街/土产店/上海 (早餐)    住宿:上海碧悦城市酒店或同级                                                                                                                         

早餐后,专车前往参观【德寿宫】德寿宫位于首尔最繁华的街道上,其以富有韵味的石墙路儿闻名。在首尔的宫殿中唯有德寿宫与西式建筑并肩而立,构成别样的景致。【紫水晶宝石店】韩国的紫水晶以颜色鲜明、光泽好、透明度高等诸多优点而闻名于世界各地。【新村女人街】这里是主导最新潮流的前卫文化街。新村周围来往人流大部分是大学生和年轻人,因而针对大学生和年轻人的大排档等各式餐 饮厅、格独特。之后前往仁川搭乘豪华客机飞往中国最大的金融城市“上海”,抵达后导游接机入住酒店.


第8天:上海市区游(早:酒店内,午:小笼包风味,晚:泰家村歌舞宴    住宿:上海碧悦城市酒店或同级   


第9天:上海 / 新加坡      (早:酒店内,午:本帮菜风味

早餐后车游浦东新区,世纪大道,金桥开发区,了解浦东的日新月异,午餐后专车前往浦东国际机场搭乘国际航班返回温馨的家 。晚班机的客人,额外赠送【七浦路】自由活动,之后专车前往浦东国际机场搭乘国际航班返回温馨的家。    


** 如采用CX航班,回程免费赠送3D2N香港(2N 3星酒店+机场往返接送+半日市区游)


注意:提前抵达首尔(不含接机&1N酒店),第二天自行前往金浦机场汇合导游搭乘内陆航班飞往济州岛参团, 回程航班时间为早班机的航班,首尔最后一天行程则自动取消,恕不负责额外赔偿之损失。

Terms & Conditions

Passengers are deemed to have read, understood & accepted the following conditions.  The Organiser shall be known as “The Company” in the conditions below.




A full deposit of S$500 per person is required to confirm your reservation.  If the tour fare is below S$1,000, a non-refundable deposit of S$500 per person is required. 


The company does not recognize any deposit as constituting confirmation of tours, travel arrangements or tickets.


Online Booking of Group and Free and Easy Packages

For online reservation of packages made via our website, a partial deposit of S$100 is required to make a booking.  The balance deposit of S$400 can be made in our office within 3 days after your online reservation.  The balance deposit can be made by cash, cheque or NETS.


Online Booking of Air Tickets

For online booking of air-tickets, full payment is required.




Group Packages

Balance payment is to be paid in full one month prior to departure.  Failure to comply with this may result in an automatic cancellation of reservation and a forfeiture of deposit.  In this instance, the cancellation fee as stated below is payable by the Customer.


Free and Easy Packages

Full payment is required upon confirmation of air reservation and land arrangement before issuance of travel documents. Any booking that is not confirmed within the airlines’ required dateline, seats will be auto-cancelled by airlines unless tickets are being issued. Please note that during important events, festivals, conferences and fair periods, there will be surcharges levied by accommodation properties. We will advise you of any increase in tour prices when you book your package. Passengers are expected to pay the difference or have the option to change to another preferred choice of accommodation (provided there is also no surcharge being levied)




For payment made through credit card, charge card or NETS an administrative fee is chargeable.  We strongly advise you to make your payment in cash or cheque.  In cases of credit card payments, refunds (if applicable) will be made through the credit card company.




Cancellation of booking must be made in writing to avoid misunderstanding.  The following charges will apply accordingly:


Days of Notice                                                                   All Package Tour                               Special Condition

Prior to departure excluding weekend / PH                                                                         Tours on promo/Special

15 days and above                                                           S$500                                                    Fares are subject to

08-14 days before departure                                      50% of tour fare or S$500             separate Land &

04-07 days before departure                                      75% of tour fare or S$500             Ticketing Conditions

03 days or less                                                                   100% of tour fare

Whichever is higher

*Full cancellation applies for promotional packages/air tickets/budget air tickets/tours on chartered flights

*No cancellation/amendment is allowed for booking made during NATAS Travel Fair

*Non-refundable for departures on Eve Public Holidays


For Cruise packages:-

Amendment/Cancellation fee is subject to cruises Terms & Condition

For Air Tickets:-

a)      Cancellation/Amendment of name or flight or date before flight departures, S$150 per name will be imposed and passengers must pay any application fare difference that might be incurred.

b)      Non-refundable/amount as per airline stipulated conditions and administrative fee will be imposed by airlines

c)       100% of ticket fare imposed for no show charges


Upon the company receiving the written notice of cancellation and in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated, the Customer shall receive the refund.




For each amendment made after a booking has been confirmed, an amendment fee of S$50 per person will be charged.  For any changes in the departure date or tour type, cancellation charges apply as spelt out under the section on Cancellation.




Tour members should be aware that The Company is acting as an agent for the service suppliers.  After a deposit or full payment is made, all arrangements are still subject to confirmation.  When the arrangement cannot be confirmed, The Company will endeavor to notify passenger at least 14 days before departure and a refund of payment of tour fare will be made if the tour is cancelled.  The Company shall not be liable for any further responsibilities.  No refund or exchange can be made in respect of accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours, admission fees, special shows, and/or other services which are included in the tour fare but are not utilized by the client.



-          Return economy class group tour air tickets

-          Return airport transfers (airport/hotel/airport)

-          Hotel accommodation on twin-share or triple-share basis

-          When booking triple-share rooms please note that the third bed maybe a ‘roll-away’ bed

-          Single room occupancy is at additional cost

-          All meals are as specified in the itinerary.  If the selected carrier’s flight time does not allow for certain meals to be taken, there shall not be any refund for meals not consumed

-          Baggage allowance as per allocated by the respective airlines




-          Visa fees

-          Airport taxes, excess baggage charges, meals, beverages, room services & incidentals or any others not listed in the itinerary

-          Gratuities to driver, tour guides or tour leader


Tour prices are based on current airfares, services prices, government tax and exchange rates, applicable at the time of print or quotation and are subject to change with or without prior notice.




Eligibility: Below 12 years (at the time of departure) – Child fare is based on sharing a room with two adults.  There will be an additional cost for child sharing one room with an adult.




In the event the accommodation booked or requested is not available, every effort will be made for an alternative accommodation of similar standard.




If there are any requests regarding special meals, dietary requirement, adjourning rooms and so on, please inform The Company when booking.  Such requests are subject to confirmation and availability.




It is passenger’s responsibility to ensure that their travel documents and the necessary visas are in order.  Passengers must have an international passport or other recognized travel documents, which should be valid for at least six months from the date of departure from the last destination of your itinerary.  Passengers must have the necessary visas, vaccination and health certificate as required by the various Government authorities of the countries to be visited.


The Company cannot be held responsible for any expenses, reimbursement or refund of any tour prices if passenger is refused entry by any country on the tour for whatever reasons, including lack of necessary visas.




For the convenience of all members of the group, passengers are requested to rotate their seating arrangements on the coach during the period of the tour.  Please cooperate when called upon to do so by the tour leader / guide.




Passengers are strongly recommended to purchase travel insurance with respect to such areas as trip cancellation, personal baggage, personal accident, injury & illness.  Under no circumstances is The Company to be construed as a carrier under contract for safe carriage of passenger or his / her baggage & belonging.  Our staff will be pleased to assist in the enquiries of any travel insurance.




Extension of stay/deviation may be permitted at the end of tour, subject to maximum validity and restrictions of air tickets, seat-confirmation and availability of hotels prior to commencement of tour.  It is the passenger’s responsibility to hold firm confirmation for their return flight.  When extension if stay/deviation cannot be confirmed three weeks prior to the group’s departure date, passenger is deemed to be taking the original tour schedule.  In the event that the original arrangement has been changed by The Company during the process, any extra cost will be borne by the passenger.


Extension of stay/deviation will be at passengers own expenses & transfer to airport will not be provided.


The air ticket issued is a special ticket, restricted to a specific airline only.  It is non-negotiable, non-endorsable, non-reissuable, non-refundable & non-reroutable.  Any alteration in routing or dates by passengers is solely at his / her own risk.  The Company and its associated agents shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused and extra expense incurred.  No refund will be made for any unused air ticket, accommodation, meals, or sightseeing in part or full.




Jun-Air Travel Pte Ltd and its associates act only as an agent for the transportation companies, hotels & other principals for the tour programmes.  They accept no responsibilities for injuries, damage, accident, loss delay, theft, quarantine, customs regulation, strike, changes in itinerary, deportation or refusal of entry by immigration authorities resulting from improper travel documents, possession of unlawful items or irregularities that may be caused to person or property.  Any losses & expenses are the responsibility of the passenger.  The Company reserves the right to alter itineraries, travel arrangement, hotel reservation, etc.  If is necessary or in the case of force majeure.  The Company reserves the right to cancel any tour prior to date of departure for any reason, including insufficient number of participants.  Should this happen the entire payment shall be refunded without further obligations on the part of The Company.  The Company will recommend alternative tour, preferably to the same destination or other destinations.  Should passenger decide not to accept the alternatives, all monies paid shall be refunded in full by The Company without further obligations.


The Company also reserves the right to require any individual to withdraw from the tour if deemed his/her act of conduct is detrimental to or incompatible with the interest, harmony & welfare of other passengers and the tour as a whole.  The Company shall be under no further liability thereafter to any such person.  No tour leaders / guides or other employees or agents of The Company are authorized to commit The Company to any liability whatsoever and The Company will not be bound by any statement or representation unless in writing and signed by a management executive of The Company.  The Company reserves the right to take photographs & films of passengers while on tour with The Company to be used for brochures advertising or publicity material without obtaining any further consent from passenger.



Any complaints/claims have to be made in writing within 14 days from the date of return.  No responsibility is accepted in respect of any complaints/claims, which are made after 14 days of return.



The laws of the Republic of Singapore shall govern this Agreement and the parties expressly submit themselves to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.


Minimum Group Size: 10
Travel Period:
October to April 2018
Preferred Tour Date:  9 Days Tour
Select Number of Travellers
Adult 12 yrs above
Children 2 - 11 yrs old
Infant Below 2 yrs
Price SGD 0.00

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