Korea All In (Sea·Land·Air) Full-Experience 7/9D

The most fantastic 3D art world + most ICE Ice Sculpture Museum --- Experience magical visual enjoyment, feel crystal clear, different snow style

The most mini Universal Studios`Laukio Dior photography world --- Exquisite romance Korean drama reproduce, round you a star dream

The most artistic green tea garden Osulloc snow green tea --- teacup-type building novel and creative,there is a simple and elegant beauty

The most delightful Camellia Hill--- Asia's only Camellia-themed garden, is hidden in Jeju Island's paradise

The most nostalgic Jeonju Hanok Village --- to do a "Korean wine" and "Korean paper",  feel the ancient Korean elegance and classical

The most magnificent mountain and scenic spot --- National Dayun Mountain, Feel the warmth and excitement with nature

The most nourishing red ginseng SPA --- South Korea's most popular king of red grass ginseng SPA

The most FUN Everland --- "Love of Red Beanstalk" scene of the Korean drama, spring flowers celebration, animal wild world, fantasy laser show

The Famous Rail bike around the lake --- Riding a bike ride along the lakeside enjoy the beauty of the lake

The most perfect Korean audio-visual feast - BI-BAP show, the most innovative, most popular, the most popular push national performance show

The most deep Sen = body breathing "Han" paradise Tan Yang Chuk Yuen --- Korean drama "Breeze Moon", "Black Narcissus" filming, fan-like bamboo forest valley, bamboo fragrance and tens of millions of rosin winding outdoor Taoyuan

The most Korean taste Ginseng Farm - visit the Korean ginseng field+kimchi DIY+Ginseng chicken DIY+traditional hanbok take pictures

* Korean Cuisine---Ginseng Chicken , Korean BBQ, Bibimbap, Mushroom Casserole, Traditional Korean Dinner

* Fashion Shopping---Shinchon Lady Street, Dongdaemun, Yeoju Premium Outlet, Face Shop, Amethyst Showroom, Local Products.



Korea All In (Sea·Land·Air) Full-Experience 8D  

Romantic Sonata One Unforgettable & Experience of Korean-Trip!  


DAY 01: SINGAPORE    Incheon Airport                                         

Gather at Changi International Airport today, take a comfortable flight to the long-awaited trip to South Korea.



Arriving at Incheon Airport, head to the Gimpo airport take flight to Jeju. visit Camellia Hill is a camellia arboretum that was created on a plot of land in Sangchang-ri, Andeok-myeon, Jeju-do that spans 172,000 square meters. The arboretum is home to 6,000 camellia trees of 500 different species including species that are known to produce the world’s largest and earliest blossoms. In addition to camellia trees, the arboretum also boasts palm trees, wildflowers, and other plants as well as a sprawling grass plaza and an ecological pond. Next, tour Seongsan Ilchulbong, a volcanic crater perched out on the eastern tip of Jeju Island. Next, explore the Seongeup living Folk Village designated as a folklore preservation zone. Here you can meet the friendly native people of Jeju who still live behind stone courtyard walls in thatched-roof lava-wall homes. You can learn more things about Korean traditional culture.Joanne Bear Museum exhibits everything about cute Bears, which have been loved worldwide for 100 years. After enjoying the beautiful view.




After breakfast, go to visit 3D Illusion Art Worldis an artistic and scientific teaching, which allows visitors to have a breakthrough change in painting; it cleverly uses the sense of distance and the light and shade of light refraction in visual sense And the 3D three-dimensional pattern makes people feel an illusion, as if being in it resonates with art. [ICE Ice Sculpture Art Museum] is Jeju’s first permanent indoor ice sculpture exhibition hall in all seasons. It opened in July 2012. Regardless of the season and temperature, it stays at minus 5 degrees throughout the year. You can see indoor ice sculptures with various themes at any time. The Ice Sculpture Museum displays ice sculptures of teddy bears and tropical fish representing Jeju. There are various ice sculpture displays such as igloos and ice slides in the Arctic Village. Taking a [cruise ship] sea trip, not only can you have a panoramic view of the beautiful sea scenery, but also experience the unique fun of Korean boat tatami on the boat, making the journey more rich and romantic. Give each family a blessing [Kongming Lantern] to be set off on the seaside where you can admire the beautiful night to pray for peace and safety.




After breakfast, go to visit 1004 islands in Jeollanam-do. Among them, there are island villages in the southwest with the same unique landscape as the Greek island of Santorini. Banwoldo and Bakjido  are small islands south of Anjwado. They are about 1 kilometer away from each other, so they are like twins. And it is linked by a pedestrian bridge to form a unique landscape in the world, all of its characteristics are purple. The buildings are purple, the bridges are purple, the flowers are purple, and lavender and hydrangea also add color. The charm of these two islands lies in their unspoiled pristine natural scenery. PURPLE BRIDGE The first gateway to Banyue Island and Park Island is through the Purple Bridge. The Purple Bridge is a sea foot bridge with a total length of 1462 m (Duri-Bakji 547 m, Bakji-Banwol 915 m) connecting Duli Village in Anji-myeon and Banwol Island in Baji Island. It is also called the "Bridge of Hope" because her wish to walk to BAKJI Island in Mokpo came true.  DAMYANG METASEQUOIA ROADDamyang Metasequoia Road is an exotic and fantastic road that represents Korea. The neat metasequoias spread like paintings on both sides of the national highway. The 20m tall trees are neatly arranged in a row, each with dark green branches. DAMYANG PROVENCEProvence It is a themed tourist destination based in a small town in the south of France. Every street, every small object, is full of exotic customs. It evokes the illusion of walking on the streets of Europe. Lovely and beautiful trails, it seems that you can feel comfortable as long as you walk. It has restaurants, coffee shops and fast food restaurants, as well as a fashion street selling clothing, general stores, design props and groceries, as well as design studios and experience centers.Then move to JEONJU HANOK VILLAGE which is the only well- preserved village among cities within Korea. Experience the traditional Korean culture when touring around in the village. Be a real Korean citizen and enjoy some DIY stuffs. Next, move. In the evening, you can go shopping at Jeonju Myeongdong  shopping street.





After breakfast, proceed toDAEDUNSAN NATIONAL PARK you can get the most magnificent view of the mountain. The King Kong bridge also give you a unique experience. Next,go toMANCHEONHA SKY WALKIt is a skywalk where you can taste the thrill of walking on the sky path while looking down 80~90m below the water level on the cliffs of the Namhangang River. Experience the thrill of walking on the edge of a cliff while looking down at the Namhan River flowing under your feet through the high-strength triple glass 15m long and 2m wide in the shape of three fingers on the horseshoe-shaped Manhakcheonbong Observatory! The Mancheonha Skywalk Observatory, which was built at a height of 25m 80~90m above the surface of the Namhangang River, offers an experience of walking while looking down at the river 100m below your feet. The thrill of walking the sky road on the Namhangang River at a glance! Experience the exhilarating fun and thrilling experience at Mancheonha Skywalk with a beautiful view of the Namhangang River at a glance! Next,go to CHEONGPYEONG HOPANZANDO-GIL Between the cliffs of the Namhan River, a purple path is clearly visible. The Danyang plank road is built on the cliff beside the stream, adding a touch of thrill to the beautiful Nanhan River breeze. Danyang Mountain Capital was renovated last year and opened to the outside world. On the wooden deck under the cliff of Wanhequan Peak, the lights and music complement each other and the scenery is beautiful. Danyang Mountain Road with a total length of about 1.2 kilometers is worthy of being selected as one of the top 100 tourist routes in Korea due to the cherry blossoms in spring and the red leaves in autumn. 



After breakfast, we will head to the popularKOREAN VILLAGE FARM】【GINSENG CHICKEN DIYin South Korea. Under the kind leadership of the farm owner, we will introduce the growth process of Korean ginseng from one year to six years, so that you can get a deeper understanding of "Korean ginseng" and know its magical effects; Taste the steamed sweet potatoes and seasonal fruits in the countryside. Here you can also taste the "Ginseng Milk Juice" (1 cup per person) made from Korean ginseng, so that you can fully achieve the effects of beauty and health; then arrange learning [Experience Ginseng Chicken DIY] Under the guidance of a dedicated person and using authentic Korean ingredients, you can make ginseng chicken by yourself. Each person has a chicken with his own name. You can fully enjoy the fun of making ginseng chicken and experience the charm of Korean ginseng chicken. Afterwards, taste and enjoy the fruits of your own labor; there is also [Korean kimchi pancake], which is an early rural eating method of the Korean folks. Try and see to ensure that you have unexpected feelings! Then arrange [Traditional Costume Experience] The VIPs of the whole group will become today's best actor and actress, put on the ancient traditional hanbok, and happily capture the beautiful shadows in the beautiful outdoor scenery.Next, go toSEOKCHON LAKE PARKEXTERIOR OF LOTTE TOWERThe area of the lake is 217,850 square meters. With the completion of Songpa Road, the lake is divided into East Lake(105785 square meters) and West Lake (112065 square meters).The perimeter of Seokchon Lake’s path around the lake reaches 2.5 kilometers. Spring is for cherry blossom viewing, and autumn is one of the best spots for maple leaves. The combination of the Lotte World Amusement Park and Lotte Tower in the middle of the lake creates an unforgettable scenery. , So this place is a frequent visitor in film and television dramas.  




After breakfast, we will go to visit [Deoksugung Palace] Deoksugung Palace is located on the busiest street in Seoul. It is famous for its charming stone wall road. Among the palaces in Seoul, Deoksugung Palace and Western-style buildings stand side by side, forming a different kind of scenery. [Ginseng Specialty Store] The process of ginseng planting and manufacturing, and you can buy all kinds of ginseng products. [Cosmetics Store]Liver Care & Red Pine】【Amethyst ShopKorea is the country that produces the best quality amethyst in the world. After that, head to the famous love spot in Seoul-[N Seoul Tower Love Lock Wall], the most popular TV series "Pop Garden" filming location, lock the wall with tens of thousands of love locks, becoming a representative love spot in Korea. N Seoul Tower is a famous spot for viewing the night view of Korea and is known as the symbol of Seoul. [Dongdaemun Market] Dongdaemun Market is the largest wholesale and retail market representing Korea, and is the shopping kingdom of Seoul. With gorgeous lights and crowds, the night view of Dongdaemun Market is more gorgeous than during the day.



After breakfast, go to [Blue House] and get off at the designated parking place to take pictures of the VIPs. Visit Xincun Ladies' StreetThis is an avant-garde cultural street leading the latest trends. Before going to the airport, you can buy some delicious kimchi, seaweed, sweets, instant noodles, etc. at the end of the [Korean Souvenir Store]. Then transfer to airport back to Singapore.   



                          Quotation & Flight time                           


Asiana Airline   $2288/pax  ,  CWB: $2188/pax ,  CNB: $2088/pax


7APR OZ752  SINICN  2250/0620+1 (8APR)     *    14APR  OZ751  ICNSIN  1610/2130


REMARK:  Tipping:  Korea - $11SGD/Day/Pax  (Pay to Singapore)    


·  If there is any discrepancy between English and Chinese itinerary , please refer to the Chinese itinerary one strictly

·  Due to unforeseen circumstances, the sequence of itinerary may subject to changes without prior notice

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Terms & Conditions

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The company does not recognize any deposit as constituting confirmation of tours, travel arrangements or tickets.


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Full payment is required upon confirmation of air reservation and land arrangement before issuance of travel documents. Any booking that is not confirmed within the airlines’ required dateline, seats will be auto-cancelled by airlines unless tickets are being issued. Please note that during important events, festivals, conferences and fair periods, there will be surcharges levied by accommodation properties. We will advise you of any increase in tour prices when you book your package. Passengers are expected to pay the difference or have the option to change to another preferred choice of accommodation (provided there is also no surcharge being levied)




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Days of Notice                                                                   All Package Tour                               Special Condition

Prior to departure excluding weekend / PH                                                                         Tours on promo/Special

15 days and above                                                           S$500                                                    Fares are subject to

08-14 days before departure                                      50% of tour fare or S$500             separate Land &

04-07 days before departure                                      75% of tour fare or S$500             Ticketing Conditions

03 days or less                                                                   100% of tour fare

Whichever is higher

*Full cancellation applies for promotional packages/air tickets/budget air tickets/tours on chartered flights

*No cancellation/amendment is allowed for booking made during NATAS Travel Fair

*Non-refundable for departures on Eve Public Holidays


For Cruise packages:-

Amendment/Cancellation fee is subject to cruises Terms & Condition

For Air Tickets:-

a)      Cancellation/Amendment of name or flight or date before flight departures, S$150 per name will be imposed and passengers must pay any application fare difference that might be incurred.

b)      Non-refundable/amount as per airline stipulated conditions and administrative fee will be imposed by airlines

c)       100% of ticket fare imposed for no show charges


Upon the company receiving the written notice of cancellation and in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated, the Customer shall receive the refund.




For each amendment made after a booking has been confirmed, an amendment fee of S$50 per person will be charged.  For any changes in the departure date or tour type, cancellation charges apply as spelt out under the section on Cancellation.




Tour members should be aware that The Company is acting as an agent for the service suppliers.  After a deposit or full payment is made, all arrangements are still subject to confirmation.  When the arrangement cannot be confirmed, The Company will endeavor to notify passenger at least 14 days before departure and a refund of payment of tour fare will be made if the tour is cancelled.  The Company shall not be liable for any further responsibilities.  No refund or exchange can be made in respect of accommodation, meals, sightseeing tours, admission fees, special shows, and/or other services which are included in the tour fare but are not utilized by the client.



-          Return economy class group tour air tickets

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-          Hotel accommodation on twin-share or triple-share basis

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-          Single room occupancy is at additional cost

-          All meals are as specified in the itinerary.  If the selected carrier’s flight time does not allow for certain meals to be taken, there shall not be any refund for meals not consumed

-          Baggage allowance as per allocated by the respective airlines




-          Visa fees

-          Airport taxes, excess baggage charges, meals, beverages, room services & incidentals or any others not listed in the itinerary

-          Gratuities to driver, tour guides or tour leader


Tour prices are based on current airfares, services prices, government tax and exchange rates, applicable at the time of print or quotation and are subject to change with or without prior notice.




Eligibility: Below 12 years (at the time of departure) – Child fare is based on sharing a room with two adults.  There will be an additional cost for child sharing one room with an adult.




In the event the accommodation booked or requested is not available, every effort will be made for an alternative accommodation of similar standard.




If there are any requests regarding special meals, dietary requirement, adjourning rooms and so on, please inform The Company when booking.  Such requests are subject to confirmation and availability.




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The Company cannot be held responsible for any expenses, reimbursement or refund of any tour prices if passenger is refused entry by any country on the tour for whatever reasons, including lack of necessary visas.




For the convenience of all members of the group, passengers are requested to rotate their seating arrangements on the coach during the period of the tour.  Please cooperate when called upon to do so by the tour leader / guide.




Passengers are strongly recommended to purchase travel insurance with respect to such areas as trip cancellation, personal baggage, personal accident, injury & illness.  Under no circumstances is The Company to be construed as a carrier under contract for safe carriage of passenger or his / her baggage & belonging.  Our staff will be pleased to assist in the enquiries of any travel insurance.




Extension of stay/deviation may be permitted at the end of tour, subject to maximum validity and restrictions of air tickets, seat-confirmation and availability of hotels prior to commencement of tour.  It is the passenger’s responsibility to hold firm confirmation for their return flight.  When extension if stay/deviation cannot be confirmed three weeks prior to the group’s departure date, passenger is deemed to be taking the original tour schedule.  In the event that the original arrangement has been changed by The Company during the process, any extra cost will be borne by the passenger.


Extension of stay/deviation will be at passengers own expenses & transfer to airport will not be provided.


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Minimum Group Size: 10
Travel Period:
May to November 2022
Preferred Tour Date:  8 Days Tour
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Children 2 - 11 yrs old
Infant Below 2 yrs
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